We started selling Edo-Kiriko (Traditional Sake Glass)

We have commenced the sales of “Edo Kiriko Hexagonal Basket Weave Sake Glass Set”, a set of two hexagonal woven-bamboo patterned cups for chilled sake produced by Kagami Crystal, a renowned manufacturer of crystal glassware famous for creating modern style Edo Kiriko (faceted glass) by blending contemporary structures and motifs with traditional faceted patterns.


This new product is produced using the traditional Japanese handicraft called Edo Kiriko which was first developed during the Edo Period (1603 – 1868) and continues up to this day.


The set of cups made in red and blue crystal glass is adorned with a long-established Edo Kiriko pattern called rokkaku-kagome, which literally means hexagonal basket weave.


The harmony expressed by the red and blue colors makes this pair of sake glasses a perfect present for a celebration and gorgeous souvenir to bring back home.

You can purchase this product from the online shop of this site.